Thursday, June 24, 2010


No shit.
O: I know right. Look at it. It says 'R' in the bottom left hand corner.
I watched it, yes I did. The movie was kinda cool, but the part where he's some kinda playboy seventeen-year-old? Zomgwthbbqsauce.
I don't know whether to be thrilled, or to be just.. weird.
Because, you know, I definetely had a Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief moment while I was watching it.
With my parents.
It's an M18 movie with all the things you'd expect in an M18 movie..


I am.. Man. I can't even find the words for it.

The movie is titled "Gamer", and it opens up to a world where people live their lives out in two separate virtual realities. The first virtual realm is called "Society", which I would rather not explain. It basically involves normal people getting mind-controlled by nerds to do and say whatever they want them to do and say in the game. Like little robots. Little human robots. The second realm is called "Slayer", where death-row inmates are pitted against each other in some kinda counter-strike-ish-Tom-Clancy shooting game - the only thing is, the bullets are real. The catch; any inmate who passes level 30 gets to leave the jail. Gerard Butler stars as the protagonist, Kable. With the help and control of famous-and slightly pervertic-gamer, Simon (Logan Lerman), he manages to break free from jail. The trouble comes when the creator of the mind-control programs, Ken "Castle" (Michael C. Hall), the guy who put him in jail in the first place by mind-controlling him into killing his best friend and fellow guinea pig in the programme, tries to get rid of Kable before he tells everyone of his evil plan to mind-control everyone else in the world blah blah, and kidnaps his daughter and wife and stuff and tries to kill him with his mind-control human robots and stuff.

Kinda cool, you know, since everyone's getting played by someone else and... Yeah.

Hey. Heard about the Spiderman issue? There's some kind of speculation going on about the next actor who's going to play Peter Parker in the next few Spiderman movies.
Some of the considered guys are:
1) Logan Lerman
2) Jake Gyllenhaal
3) Robert Pattinson
4) Chace Crawford
AND my favourite,
5) Michael Cera

I don't know if this is entirely true though, but really? Michael Cera?
You're awesome as a lovable geek, but nice try, Bleeker. (:

Aw. Isn't he the cute geek. :>

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